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Walking in Suffolk

Diss walks to download and print FREE!
Billingford to Diss bus walk 4.5 miles
Botesdale Walk 2.5 or 6 miles
Botesdale walks 2.5 or 6 miles
Botesdale walk 10 miles
Brockdish walk 5 miles
Brockdish to Billingford bus walk 5 miles
Burston & Shimpling Parish Walks
Diss & Harleston walks 14 walks 0.3 - 4.4 miles (some wheel and push-chair friendly)
Diss Town walk (wheel and push-chair friendly) 2 miles
Diss walks (some wheel and push-chair friendly) 2.5 - 11 miles
Diss to Redgrave bus walk 7.5 miles
Diss to Knettishall Heath bus walk 15.5 miles
Diss to Wortwell bus walk 17 miles
Eye walk 3.5 miles
Eye walk 4 miles
Eye walk 11 miles
Fressingfield walk 8.5 miles
Harleston walk 5 or 6.5 miles
Hinderclay walk 5 miles
Hoxne Heritage walk
Hoxne walk 3.5 miles
Hoxne walk 5.5 miles
Knettishall walk 3 or 4 miles
Knettishall Heath walk 4 miles
Knettishall Heath to Barnham Cross Common bus walk 14 miles
Pulham Market walk 5.5 miles
Pulham Market walk 8.5 miles
Redgrave and Lopham Fen walks (wheel and push-chair friendly) 0.3 or 2 miles
Redgrave walks 3 or 5 miles
Redgrave to Hopton bus walk 3.5 miles
Redgrave walk 3.7 miles
Rickinghall walks 2.5 or 6 miles
Rickinghall walk 10 miles
South Lopham walk 8.6 miles
Stradbroke walk 3 miles
Thornham walk (wheel and push-chair friendly) 1.3 miles
Weybread walk 7 miles
Wingfield walk 6.5 miles
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